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for the offseason. you factor in the loss of the super bowl, it wasn't exactly a party atmosphere in the 49ers locker room this morning, especially for colin kaepernick. he seems to be taking the defeat very personally. when asked how long that will stay with him, he said for the rest of his life. >> it's tough. i mean, we've been through a lot here with each other all the time. >> a lot of quarterbacks take the blame for losing the game, but you've got to always look at the bright side, at no given point did anybody say he was ever nervous. some people would because that's what you've got to -- look what he just did. he fought back against the baltimore ravens. he fought some of the best defenses from the chicago bears, so like i told him, keep your head high, man. you still young.
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your early 20s. you still got time. you've just got into an offense you feel comfortable with. i imagine when you have an offseason to perfect that offense. >> and during this morning's last team meeting for the season, the coaches had advice for the players. it was hit the ground running, which we know some players plan on doing when it comes to getting ready for next season after a couple of days of recuperation, some like kaepernick, they're going to start training for next season at the end of this week. reporting live at the 49% training facility and the site of their new stadium. >> thank you, bob. well, it is a very different scene in baltimore today. hundreds of thousands of people lining the streets to celebrate the ravens second world championship. boohoo. the parade started at city hall and made its way to their stadium, where the players shared the trophy with the fans.
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>> fistill a great season. the super bowl set all kinds of records and not just down in new orleans. sports fans bidding a $98.9 million in nevada casinos for sunday's ball game. most of those bets coming from gamblers banking on the niners. twitter says there was a record number of super bowl posts as well. more than 24 million compared to the almost 14 million that happened last year. they're also near record ratings with 111 million watching. that was set in 2010 and 2011. new this morning, pittsburgh police have arrested a man they say is responsible for a hit and run that injured a woman and two children. we have more with who that man is and the charges he's facing. >> good morning to you. neighbors tell us they're
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certain ly upset by this. among the people hit, two small children, but they also tell us they're not totally surprised that it happened at all. even where these people were crossing, they say that drivers often just don't slow down. now, pittsburgh police arrested 24-year-old noah delgado about 45 minutes after four people were hit. a 29-year-old woman was pushing a 1-year-old in a stroller and the woman's 7-year-old daughter was riding on a bicycle as they crossed the street about 5:45 last night. witnesses saw it and helped lead police to the car which was several blocks away from the scene. police say he took off from the car and they located him about 45 minutes later. one neighbor told me he has to warn clients at his group home to be very careful. here's pittsburgh police. >> alcohol does not seem to be a factor at this point for the collision and our traffic
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investigators are still working to determine the speeds and anything else that may have led to this collision. >> and we have to let those guys know that in this area, especially not when the light goes on, even though it's white and gives us the walk signal, that we've almost got hit a bunch of times. not just there, but over here. so in this area, it's predominant. >> now, the 7-year-old and 1-year-old were taken to the hospital. they have been treated and released. the woman was held a little bit longer for observation, although had nonlife threatening injuries. pittsburgh police say their patrol division will do what they can to try to make this area safer for pedestrians. he was arrested on suspicious of felony hit and run and is being held in the county jail in martinez. bail set at $50,000. police this morning say they need your help finding the men involved in a violent south bay home invasion.
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a man resembling this sketch beat up an elderly woman and her daughter and his accomplice trying to break into their car on friday morning. near the foothills of san jose. now, the men chased those women back into their home and they assaulted the 74-year-old mother. you can see the bruises on her face. shows you how brutal the beating was. the women did manage to escape. police at this time have not released a description. so far, the second suspect. neighbors in los gatos are questioning gun sales in their town. hundreds of people crowded a town hall meeting last night to talk about a new sporting goods store selling guns on university avenue. opponents say the city should not have approved permits for the store without a public hearing. the store owner says he is following all rules and is even promoting gun safety. >> to them, sold them and showed
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them how to properly secure them. >> people talk about the stores coming in and it's a big production and yet, a gun store goes in and have no say in the matter. >> at the hours of public -- the town council continued the meeting until february 11th to consider changing zoning laws and the permit process for gun sales. a vigil being held later tonight for an off duty sheriff's deputy killed riding his motorcycle. he died last week when a car turned right in front of him. his motorcycle hit that car and myrtle sadly later died at the hospital. police say the driver tells them she did not even see myrtle. he leaves behind a wife and 12-year-old son. tonight's vigil will be at 6:00. to ban or not to ban.
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that is the question for the state supreme court surrounding medical marijuana. it involves a dispensary and the city of riverside. riverside banned the pot club from operating within city limits. they say that's a slap in the face to voters who leaguized medical marijuana in 1996. the rules could impact cities all over the bay area. some that have banned pot clubs within city limits. bay area dispensaries are closely watching this case. >> i mean, i'd be very disappointed. because as a voter, i wouldn't feel like my voice is being heard. this is something that's been decided 16, 17 years ago. 1996. >> san jose is the only city in santa clara county to allow the sale of medical marijuana. the city counsel bracing for a fight today taking on the issue of marriage equality.
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several members are expected the counsel put it on a future agenda and also call on the city to join a case currently before the u.s. supreme court aimed at overturning the defense of marriage act. that one defines marriage is the legal union between a man and a woman. now, this question will not receive the mayor's support. in a recent interview, the mayor says while he does support civil unions and domestic partnerships, he draws the line at marriage. mother nature is still a little bit sad about the 49ers loss. >> right? >> i still say she's a raiders fan. >> that's true. >> she's got her colors right. let's go, oakland, although we want to forget about last season. temperatures are looking good as you can see. it's kind of a dreary day out there. not a great day to go out there and bathe in the sun, but you might find a sliver of sunshine in san jose. 51 degrees down there. 52 in livermore and 53 in san francisco. not too bad temperaturewise.
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about 3 to 4 degrees away from reaching our highs today. not going to be that warm, however, cool, cloudy, most of the shower activity stays to our north. by wednesday, that sun comes back out in full force, but it's still going to be chilly and we have rain and low snow on the way. a dusting of the foothills possibly as we head through the friday morning, so something to talk about. >> yes, i like the shimmy. it is national weather person's day, correct? >> well, you're never wrong, but yeah. and thank you very much. >> i appreciate you a little. >> let's go to lunch or something. >> a little faster than that. you deserve it. thanks a lot. still ahead at 11:00, clamped with clothes pins and tied up with twist ties. abuse claims against the leader of an elite basketball academy. and an olympic gold medalist may not be part of the 2014 games. we'll tell you about the injury that keeps her on the sideline.
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that $1,000 ipad goes on sale. we'll take a look coming up in business news.
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now to a developing story. the president at an elite basketball academy near sacramento is facing child abuse charges accused of violently punishing some of its student athlet athletes. 24-year-old francis is accused of tieing up four students, three of them teenagers, and also camping them with clothes pins. the accusations happened inside this home in roseville will wr he ran the ccse prep academy. now being investigated by the ncaa. the students were promised basketball fame for a price. tuition is listed online as $10,000 a year. 5,000 for boarding. he says the claims aren't true. police explain what he's accused of to our nbc station in
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sacramento. >> zip tieing their hands and feet, kind of keeping them bound in one spot. and then also placing clothes pins on their nipples. for extended period of time, causing a lot of pain. >> i think the police have to do what they have to do when allegations are made. a lot of people also didn't read the fine print, is that it's suspicion of child abuse. >> he is out on bond. so according to the school's website, the head coach previously coached at st. mary's. the sacramento bee says he left ccse prep after he wasn't paid. immigration, the hot topic in washington today from the white house to capitol hill, lawmakers and leaders right now trying to agree on a plan dealing with the country eets 11 million illegal immigrants. tracie potts is in washington this morning with more on what's happening today, trying to move this discussion forward. >> reporter: president obama sits down today with ceos, labor
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leaders and civic groups to talk about immigration. >> we need congress to act on a comprehensive approach that finally dealses with the 11 million immigrants in the country right now. >> reporter: what he didn't say was we'll tighten up the borders before letting them stay here legally. during her border tour, janet napolitano warned against a complete lockdown. >> we have to have a safe and secure border, but you have to have one where people can travel back and forth to conduct legitimate travel and trade and commerce. >> reporter: republicans insist border security first. we'll hear more on that this morning at a house judiciary committee hearing. latinos largely rejected republicans in last election, but it's unclear if that will soften conservatives. >> many are from districts where there isn't a huge amount of pressure to attack this issue right now. >> reporter: antiimmigration
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groups say enforcing laws already on the books would force thousands to leave the u.s. on their own. >> we think if we did that, we could easily see this problem reverse itself in a matter of years. to business and tech. san francisco's bay -- will open to investors this afternoon. scott mcgrew says it's worth twice our attention. >> you get a double dose of data out of visa. not only a picture of how the company is doing, its health is going to show us how much the consumer is spending. because visa gets a cut of every transaction, so happy visa data will be happy consumer data. new at 11:00, the state of california has sued standard & poor's the day after the feds did the same. both allege the credit agency intentionally misrated mortgage risks before the great recession of 2009. the government alleges s&p was
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more interested in making money than accurately grading mortgage-backed securities, something the agency denies and today's the day you can get your hands on the new ipad t. one with a whopping 128 gigabytes of memory. with a cell phone network chip inside, that will cost you $929. if you add tax, well over 1,000. i just checked the apple website. you can buy it. they say you'll have it within one to three days. all for $1,000. back to you. new this morning, some tough news for an olympic gold medalist. lindsey vonn crashes on the slopes and now needs reconstructive surgely just one year before the winter olympics. she was air lifted to the hospital in austria. she looses her balance before sliding off.
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she was treat ed for 12 minutes on the slope before being air lifted away. she has competed in the last three winter games and we wish her a very speedy recovery. she tore ligaments, broke her leg. it's going to be a rough recovery, but still has some time. hopefully ready for the 2014 games. guess what? it's national weather person day, so we say happy national weather person day to christina loren. >> good morning to you. got a good looking day. better late than never. starting to get a little breakthrough that thick, dense cloud cover in san jose and temperatures are cold with limited sunshine until now. we swrus saw our first sliver here in san jose. 53 in san francisco, 50 in gilroy. make sure you grab your jacket. high pressure that kept us so warm and sunny takes a hike to the south and we have cool, foggy days through the end of the week. we're going to hold off on those
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showers until thursday. today, the lower 50s at the coast and the upper 50s inland. 55 degrees in santa teresa. into the next couple of days, it's more active. area of low pressure falls apart to our north. take you through your wednesday. mostly sunny conditions by 4:00, but we're going to start with clouds tomorrow, then it starts to get interesting. we stop the clock at 5:00 a.m. cold front draped across the north bay, but still north of the golden gate bridge at that point. we continue about four hours later, moves into the south bay at 9:00 a.m. thursday. that means a rough drive to work on thursday morning. we'll see a little bit of activities as we move to the second half of thursday, then friday, little bit of pink in the forecast. snow levels fall to about 2,000 feet. maybe even 1,500 if everything tiles out right.
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we're going to clear you out for the second half of the day, then saturday and sunday, just in time for giants fan fest. they have no roof. people can't even take umbrellas in there. back to you. >> bring in a little extra sunshine thinking about the boys of summer. getting ready for spring. thank you. coming up at 11:00, it's no lombardi trophy, but fans can collect a consolation prize. and then a peek at now jim harbaugh spent the night before the game. we'll show you the tv star who hung out with the family. probably going to surprise you. it surprised me.
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today is national pancake
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day at ihop. it's 11:23, still breakfast. the chain is offering a free short stack of pancakes all day today. >> i am on that. >> while the pancakes are free, diners have the option of leaving a donation to support the children's miracle network. donations in the bay area will go to the children's hospital and research center in oakland. >> i like that. favorite price, free 99. speaking of free stuff, if you're still feeling the sting of the 49ers loss, maybe some pudding will help to boost your spirits. >> congratulations, san francisco. you might not be get ago trophy, but you will be getting a cup of jell-o pudding because nothing masks the bitter taste of defeat like the sweet taste of jell-o. >> i don't know about that. but hey, what do you know? kraft foods released this commercial to announce its consolation, pudding drops.
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these drops are happening all over san francisco today and guess what? hall of famer and former 49er ronny lott will stop by one of those stations on broadway and columbus at 12:30. >> maybe it won't mask the bitter taste completely, but i'll take pancakes, then pudding, then meet ronny lott. when we come back, how jim harbaugh went hollywood on the eve before the super bowl. >> and the menu the night before his big ball game.
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forget a playbook. a lot of people probably wondering how jim hawe br baug stayed loose. >> apparently, he was ordering room service, singing and hanging out with catherine mcfee. she says she struck up a friendship with the family and was invited to hang out with them the night before the big game. >> he walked in like ordered room service standing up eating a ham berger with french fries. >> really?
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>> he sang for me. >> i don't know if i would do that. >> he sang this little like, i don't know, something you'd like hear in a high school cheering game. i want to test this out for you to see if i should sing this for my players. >> really? >> she says she's a big 49ers fan even though she grew up in l.a. and smash, season two, starts tonight. two hour special. >> wow, jacked up. >> thanks so much for being with us. see you at 11:00.
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[bossa nova music] ♪ (male voice) hello, pussycat! oh, really? lot of ladies get right in the car after that line, you creepy piece of-- jack! oh! what are you-- oh, i'm sorry. [chuckling] d'oh! when did you get back from d.c.?
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how did you get out of your government job? um, i'm not at liberty to discuss that. that information is classified. at least until cheney dies, which is gonna be a long time from now. that man is mostly metal. the important thing is that i'm here, and i'm gonna get my old job back. yes, please come back, jack! devin is the worst. it's like he doesn't he even care when we should have cake for people's whose birthdays are on the weekend. the friday before. at lunch. oh! so what's with the outfit, lemon? did the people from that makeover show finally respond to your letter? no, i am dressed up because the adoption agency is doing my home evaluation today. just be yourself, lemon. i'm gonna be better than myself. my apartment is spotless. i have practiced all my answers. i got rid of all my colin firth movies in case they consider them erotica. that man can wear a sweater. there is no chance that i'm blowing this. [exciting jazz music] ♪

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